Boys Like Blue Girls Like Pink

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Boys Like Blue Girls Like Pink

Collaboration project between myself and rogueNoodle (check out his games here).

Play here

Boys like blue and girls like pink, or do they?

Pick a gender and click on the coloured blocks associated with it within 60 seconds. Click the correct colour repeatedly to increase your combo. Incorrect selections will reduce your score. A positive combo of x10 will add 10 seconds to the clock.

Note: Using a mouse is recommended.

Game design and programming by XenosNS

Game design and graphics by rogueNoodle

Music: “Copycat” by syncopika
CC-BY 3.0

Updated (9/21/2014)
-New version of music (less loud)
-Larger hit boxes for objects


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I LIKE PINK! – Wixspin

Featured on GAMEJOLT

Mentioned on Warp Door

67818 67817 (1) score


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