OUYA Likes

List of games I enjoy on the Ouya,

in no particular order:

backtobedBack To BedBedtime Digital Games

abbagel’Abbaye des MortsLocomalito

whisperingwillowsWhispering WillowsNight Light Interactive

r0xR0X (Extended Play)RGCD

houselostHouse Of The Lost – F5 Games

alienbastardsAlien Bastards – Michael Schuler

boidcakeBOIDCAK – swackSoft softWorks workShop

bangbangbangBANG BANG BANG!Sophie Houlden

swiftstitchSwift StitchSophie Houlden

willowsWhispering WillowsNight Light Interactive

vvvvvVVVVVVTerry Cavanagh

skyridersSkyridersInverse Blue

orbitsOrbits of ConquestGhost Time Games

deepDeep Dungeons of DoomBossa Studios

shaarkSHAARK! – Rusty Moyher 

1e615b8b-5acc-4f81-ad14-878dbe9d1fd5CRYPT OF BACONTHULHU – Hamster Republic Productions

fotonicaFotonica – Santa Ragione

arideA Ride Into The Mountains – Chia-Yu Chen & Lee-Kuo Chen

malditacastillaMaldita CastillaLocomalito

roseandtimeRose & TimeSophie Houlden 

potatomanPOTATOMAN SEEKS THE TROOF – Pixeljam 

xseedX S.E.E.DWide Pixel Games

clarkClarkGolden Tricycle

freedomfallFreedom FallStirfire Studios

pizza boyPizza BoyAcne Play

fallenworldFallen World – Kuroato Media

antichromaticAntichromaticLee Miller

miniquestsMini QuestsDishmoth

e06d2eb4-c7b8-468f-bdf9-7a631d462521The Chicken BanditSharkArm Studios

loveLoveFred Wood

donteatsoapDon’t Eat Soap! (An Educational Game Starring Bob the Hamster)Hamster Republic Productions


nimblequestNimble QuestNimblebit LLC

cubeandcreatureCube and CreatureEvgiz

windupknightWind-up KnightRobot Invader

godofbladesGod of Blades – White Whale Games

americandreamAmerican Dream Terry Cavanagh

oichemaitheOiche MhaithTerry Cavanagh

dontlookbackDon’t Look BackTerry Cavanagh

hiddeninplainsiteHidden In Plain SiteAdam Spragg

monoclemanMonocle Man – Team Monocle

timtimTim-Tim “The Mighty Gnome”  – Spoonweaver Software


spaceobeliskSpace ObeliskGameinbucket

See the full Ouya games list at : http://www.ouya.tv/games/
 *images from the Ouya games list page


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